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lake-of-fire-must-burn asked: If you finished the game that quickly, did you do other quests besides the main quest? Like the war questline, or the mages guid (college of winterhold), the dark brotherhood, thieves guild... Also if you just walk around and talk a bit youll get quests... The forsworn questline is triggered when you enter markarth (city all the way in the west). Just try to fully use the map and features skyrim has!! Ill never get tired of it :) (also talk to jarls and stewards!!)

I joined the Thieves’ Guild but spent most of the game focused on the main questline, I just had no clue it would be over that quickly! Now that I’ve killed Alduin I’ll probably focus on the Thieves’ Guild then get around to joining the Stormcloaks :)

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everything-skyrim asked: If you are playing on PC there are hella fun and free mods on the nexus. If you're on a console, try joining the dark brotherhood! amazing twist at the end

I’m actually part of the Thieves Guild which I am thoroughly enjoying!